Registration of Use

The HTA Core Model® is subject to a Licence. Before registering, please make sure you can adhere to the licence requirements. The registration is an explicit agreement by you to adhere to the requirements. The registration data also provides us with useful information on the use of the HTA Core Model.

Any use of the HTA Core Model must be registered by filling in and sending the form below.

The registration covers all use of the Model by one registrant. At the end of this registration you may choose whether you agree to make public part of the information you provide.

"Registrant" means the user of the HTA Core Model®

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  • Please include city, postal code etc.

    Enter phone number with country code, for example +44 1234567

Which application(s) of the HTA Core Model® will be used in the work this registration applies to?

Please indicate the purposes known to the registrant at this point. A new registration is required if the purpose(s) change over time.

  • Please provide a brief overview of the system you develop/manage (including a URL of more information if available)

The registrant hereby agrees to follow and implement the following principles outlined in the Terms of Use of the HTA Core Model®

We would like to let people know where and for what purposes the HTA Core Model is used. Hence we ask here your permission to make public the following data you have provided in this registration: Type, Name and Country of registrant (questions 1, 2, 3b), Name and E-mail address of Contact person (questions 4a and 3d/4e), model application(s) used, purpose and nature of use (questions 5 and 6). The data can be made public on relevant EUnetHTA documentation and information services, such as the EUnetHTA main web site ( This allows other users and potential users of the Model to exchange experiences. If you prefer not to make your data public, we will keep it confidential within the HTA Core Model host organisation, the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital district, Finland. You must agree, however, to our policy of sharing all the information you provide with members of the EUnetHTA Executive Committee and the EUnetHTA Secretariat (see for more information on EUnetHTA structure).

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